What We Offer

We believe people today are seeking more than well-presented information on the spiritual life. They seek ways to explore and enter into a deeper expression of faith and transformation. This is what we strive to offer at Still Waters.

“There is a hunger abroad in our time, haunting lives and hearts. Like an empty stomach aching beneath the sleek coat of a seemingly well-fed creature, it reveals that something is missing from the diet of our rationale, secular, and affluent culture. Both within and beyond traditional faith communities, a hunger for spiritual depth and integrity is gaining momentum.”

– Marjorie J. Thompson

Come and spend some time in quiet retreat – a chance to be away from your usual surroundings and its many distractions while having food and shelter all taken care of for you. Or you may prefer more focus through spiritual direction. If a long-term group setting is what you prefer to explore spiritual disciplines, consider joining a formation group.