Spiritual Companionship

What is Spiritual Companionship?

“Spiritual Companionship”, otherwise known as spiritual direction, guidance or mentoring, is a prayerful listening process between two or more people and God for the Holy Spirit’s direction in the life of an individual. The director facilitates this process by helping the one seeking direction (directee) become more attune to the presence and movements of God in the person’s life. This is done by companioning the person in his spiritual journey. The focus is not so much about solutions, as it is to discern how God may be present within both the struggle and the joys of life.

The role of a spiritual companion is to…

  • sit prayerfully in the presence of God with another individual
  • listen for God’s movement within that person’s life and circumstances
  • be a soul friend

The role of one receiving companionship is to…

  • be responsible for his/her own spiritual journey
  • be intentional in his/her prayer life
  • claim whatever insights are uncovered during direction
  • be responsible for his/her own course of action

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Considering Spiritual Companionship

Is There a Fee?
The suggested fee (to the retreat center) is $35 per one-hour visit or amount that best fits your circumstances. There is no charge for an introductory session of spiritual companionship.

How Do I Start?
If you feel drawn to spiritual companionship, please contact Still Waters to make an appointment with Delcy. During the free initial session, you can talk over your desires and mutual expectations.