Here’s a list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers that we hope will help those wishing to retreat here.

Do you have specific times to check in and out for an overnight retreat?
No.  You’re welcome to come and leave at the times that are best for your schedule and needs, and we simply ask that we are made aware of them so that we can welcome you and better plan for for the use of this space.

How many people can you accomodate for an overnight retreat?
It depends on the needs of the retreatants. There are five bedrooms in the retreat house. For individuals we would normally limit the occupancy to two for individual silent retreat in order to provide better space for silence and solitude. For a group retreat, it depends on your needs and the configuration of the group. There are two single rooms with a twin bed in each. Two rooms have queen beds and space enough for a single roll-away if desired. One room has a double bed. Additionally, two persons could sleep in Tiqvah (double bed), and two in the apartment (double bed).  Lastly, we’ve had larger groups — usually young and adventurous folk — who have brought their sleeping bags and slept on the floor. We do have a few floor mattresses.

 How many people can you accomodate for a day retreat?
Our primary focus is to provide quiet space for individual retreatants. But it is often possible to accommodate small groups. A typical group that comes for a day retreat ranges anywhere from 5-12 people.  It is sometimes possible to host more than 12 people, but you need to speak with the director about your needs and posiible options.

What about meals?
Meals are not provided. You are welcome to use the full kitchen in the retreat house. Basic condiments, salad dressings, coffee, teas, are provided. Brother Martin most always has cookies to make you smile.

 Are you open in the winter?
Yes! Outside of unusually snowy days (which can actually be magical in their own way), the 71 acres of fields and forest trails can still be enjoyed with some good winter shoes, snow-shoes, cross-country skis, and warm gear. The retreat house and Tiqvah cabin are both warmed with cozy-warm wood stoves.

 What do I do / Where do I go when I first arrive to Still Waters?
When you arrive at Still Waters, you will drive in on a long driveway, and you can park in the first large parking lot straight ahead.  A small, paved walk-way connects the parking lot to the front door.  We like to welcome you and orient you to the space. Therefore we need to know when to expect you.  When you arrive, please walk in without need to knock — make yourself at home, and someone will be with you shortly (unless other arrangements have been made)