“I will allure her into the wilderness
and speak tenderly to her heart.
I will restore unto her her vineyards,
and turn her valley of Achor (tears)
into a door of hope (Tiqvah).”

— Hosea 2:14,15

Located roughly 0.25 miles from the main retreat house, this hermitage/cabin provides an even more private retreat time, as you are fully surrounded by forest and about a hundred yards away from the property’s second and lesser-known lake.  Your experience will be somewhat more rustic, with a simple outhouse, oil lamps/flashlights, and no running water.

You are welcomed by the smell of cedar wood as you enter and notice the cathedral ceiling and the large windows. A queen-size bed allows two people to wake up to streams of light pouring in due to how the cabin was placed when built.

“And the woman fled into the
wilderness, where she has a place
prepared for her by God, in
which to be nourished. . .”

— Revelation 12:6

You have just about everything you might need to experience comfort and peace — a warm stove for winter, rocking armchair, little desk, small kitchenette with countertop/camping gas stove, dishware, screened-in front porch, etc.

As you spend time here in Tiqvah, you are invited to realize that it is God who brought you here. He longs to speak tenderly to YOU. May you have ears to hear.

For more information or to schedule a Tiqvah retreat, please contact us.